Fresh & Ready to Cook

Cooking at home has never been so delicious & easy! Try delicious new recipes, save time and feel empowered in your own kitchen. 

About our Ready to Cook meals

Hand packaged and prepared with care in our storefront. We're Winnipeg's original! 
Includes all ingredients measured, cut and portioned along with an easy to follow instruction card.
Time commitment: 30 minutes or less
Budget friendly = less than $10 per portion

    Our Menu 

    We update the fresh collection often to keep things exciting. We release new items as the weather changes (and as our mood changes). This is where you will discover a new and delicious recipe to cook for dinner tonight. 
    We also carry a full lineup of frozen options that remain the same year round, shop for them here
    Soups from $12.00
    Rosemary Lemon Chicken from $12.00
    Fall Harvest Bowl $24.00
    Mexican Stuffed Chicken with Spanish Rice from $26.00
    Chicken Pot Pie from $21.00
    Thai Pumpkin Soup from $23.00
    Ravioli Lasagna $25.00
    Creamy Pesto Gnocchi $30.00
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