About Us

Every single recipe we create is intended to make your home cooking experience more enjoyable than ever before.

What should I make for dinner? At Supper Central, we want to take the stress out of the question & fuel your confidence in the kitchen.

Have you ever wished for an extra pair of hands in the kitchen? That’s what we are! As soon as you try one of our meals you will be hooked.

We live by the calendar. We develop our menu to fit what is happening in your daily life (ie. upcoming holidays, school calendars) so you can celebrate the special occasions and everything in between.

We prep everything for you. When you purchase a meal from Supper Central, you never have to pick up a knife or cutting board. Every single ingredient is measured, cut and prepped so you can get right to the cooking.

What that means for you is …

  • Spend less time cooking
  • Spend less money grocery shopping (every portion = less than $10 per person)
  • Waste less food

We believe that food is more than just a meal. A home cooked meal is an opportunity to create long lasting memories.

We are a family that supports each other. When you purchase a meal from Supper Central, you can rest assured that one of our team members will be there to answer your questions. When shopping with us, our staff will help guide your decision making to ensure you have the best home cooking experience.

We want to build a community of empowered home cooks. When you walk into the store, we want you to feel like you’re at home. We designed our store to be a hub for home cooking & a place to feel inspired by food.

We love Winnipeg & are dedicated to supporting our friends, neighbours and the local business community. We crave feedback & want to always be improving.



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