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Roasted Chicken with Mango Salsa & Cornbread

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Capture the essence of summer with this juicy grilled or baked chicken. Seasoned with mango chipotle spice this chicken pairs perfectly with our mango peach salsa, bursting with fresh fruit flavour. For the perfect pairing, we have made it quick and easy for you to make your own cornbread at home. Mix together the provided liquid and dry ingredients and have fresh, fluffy cornbread in 20 minutes. 

A must try this summer!

Ingredients: Whole Dunn Rite Local Chicken, Mango Salsa (Mango, Red Onion, Jalapeno, Honey, Cilantro, Salt, Pepper, Lime Juice), Milk, Egg, Canola Oil, Butter, Flour, Cornmeal, Sugar, Salt, Baking Powder

Serves 3-4. Frozen Meal Kit.