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Freezer Favourites

This is the collection of all of our customer's favourite items! You love them so much that we keep them stocked year round. 

Classics you know and love like our Buffalo Chicken Dip, Archie's Pizzas, Lasagna are here & ready for you to reheat and enjoy!

Oh My! Shepherd's Pie from $22.50
Ranch Crusted Chicken with Herb Pasta from $22.50
Favourites - Chicken Enchiladas from $22.50
Lasagna from $20.00
Buffalo Chicken Dip $15.00
Archie's Pizza $12.00
Sweet & Sour Meatballs $15.00
Creamy Mashed Potato $10.00
Honey Garlic Chicken Wings $15.00
Mini Perogies Wrapped in Bacon $12.00
Seasoned Potato Wedges $10.00
Japanese Style Chicken Wings $10.00
Butternut Squash Apple Soup $12.00
Thanksgiving Turkey Stuffing $15.00
Zinn Farm's Sausage $15.00
Reuben Bites $14.00
Zinn Farm's Pulled Pork $15.00
Chicken Satay Kabobs $14.00
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