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Chicken Meals

Ranch Crusted Chicken with Parmesan & Herb Pasta from $24.00
Chicken Enchiladas from $24.00
Chicken Pot Pie from $25.00
Honey Dij-licious Chicken with Rice from $24.00
Mango Chicken Curry over Basmati Rice from $24.00
Buffalo Chicken with Herb Pasta Sold Out
Bruschetta Chicken with Parmesan Pasta Sold Out
Heat & Eat - Chicken Parmesan $9.25
Creamy Bacon Chicken & Biscuits from $28.00
Heat & Eat - Unbelievable Chicken Sold Out
*Fresh* Balsamic Chicken over Penne from $25.00
Heat & Eat - Nutty Thai Chicken Sold Out
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