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Holiday Appetizers

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    Seasonally inspired appetizers that are perfect for effortless entertaining!

    Brie Bites: Puff pastry pillows stuffed with brie and cranberry. Ready to open and bake

    Caramel Apple Cheeseball: Ready to open and serve with your favourite cracker or cookie.

    Egg Rolls with Plum Dipping Sauce: Hand rolled with a savoury ground pork filling. Includes plum sauce for dipping. Ready to open and bake from frozen. 

    Hogs in Hoodies Wreath: Pull apart wreath of cocktail wieners wrapped in puff pastry. Includes honey Dijon dip. Ready to open and bake.

    Crab Cakes with Cocktail Sauce: A holiday classic. Ready to open and bake.

    Great Tastes of Manitoba Layered Taco Dip: Ready to thaw and serve with your favourite chip.

    Great Tastes of Manitoba Chicken Parmesan Tenders with Marinara: Ready to open and bake. A family favourite. 8 pc.

    Cranberry Feta Rolls: Festive red and green tortillas are stuffed with a delicious and creamy feta & cranberry filling. Ready to thaw, slice and serve. 

    Mini Wellingtons with Horseradish: Little pillows of puff pastry stuffed with horseradish, roast beef and gravy. Perfect for holiday gatherings. Ready to bake from frozen. 

    Skor Cookie Ball with Cookies: The perfect ‘sweet’ addition to your selection of party food. This cheese ball is the perfect complement your favourite savoury holiday cheese ball. 

    This cookie ball is loaded with chocolate chips and skor bits. Includes 1 sleeve of Maria cookies for dipping. 

    Serves 6-10 as a snack.